SENIOR CENTERS, GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS HAVE MANY OPTIONS TO ENJOY ON THE MISS RIVERSHORE.  Over the past several years groups of seniors have really had a great time seeing the beautiful Potomac and Occoquan Rivers aboard the boat.  It can be a simple ride up and down the river from Leesylvania State Park, the Town of Occoquan or the dock at QUantico Marine Base Hospital Point.  Lunch or dinner has been served from the delicious kitchens of TIm’s Rivershore Restaurant and Crabhouse, Madigans Waterfront Restaurant or Dixie Bone Bar-B-Que.

Capt. Mark, Capt. Steve and Capt. Kevin all give narrated tours of the sites, wildlife and local history facts.  The staff, Susan, Suzanne and Emily all make sure the guests are well attended and comfortable.  IMG_2431IMG_2727IMG_1312IMG_1952IMG_1994